Why Women Spark

at Women Spark
we ignite the potential of entrepreneurs!

As an early-stage women angel investor, our goal is to empower and support emerging startups. Together, as a united community of investors, we aim to disrupt the status quo and create a more equitable and inclusive economy.

Let’s spark change and light the way for the next generation of innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs!

We Launch Your Startup To New Frontiers

Our story

Our journey began in 2014, and ever since we have managed to help more than 15 startups sparkle. Having been a part of this success, we are thrilled to grow your business as we expand our impact in the MENA region and beyond.

Our mission

Our mission is to actively contribute to the expansion of the digital economy by fostering a robust ecosystem of talented individuals, enabling them to gain access to the resources necessary for promoting their businesses. Additionally, we aim to establish direct connections with capital sources who invest to expedite the growth cycle for emerging companies and highlight the remarkable achievements of technology innovators.

Our Values


We bolster innovation as a mindset, nurturing insightful ideas, and providing best-fit talents that enable capabilities and effectiveness.


It’s all about collaboration.

We’re pleased to have a vast network of investors, advisors,

co-investors, entrepreneurs, clients, and strategic partners.


Trust is the priority; we’re transparent and honest; we are keen on being real in every piece of work we develop

and value talents over the business.


We value our people, encourage their development, and respect their efficiency. We believe in technology, but humans are here to stay.

Women Spark

Your Time to Sparkle